We already started to distribute hygiene and food kits!


At the moment we are not doing massive distributions for the safety of our patients and people with disabilities.

Those who live nearby come to seek their kit to our clinic.

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Still a long way to reach the goal!

According to the report issued by OCHA on 24 October 2016,  in Haiti 1,4 million people need assistance.


What are you waiting for?

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Clinic report

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that since last week our rehabilitation center has returned to normal operation, where we are receiving cases of people with post-hurricane injuries and providing them with the necessary care.


Because of the high number of people affected by Hurricane Matthew, as foundation, we are also doing:

  • Daily visits to the “Lyceé Philippe” Guerrier and the refuge from Les Cayes, where we perform respiratory care and wound healing to those who need it.
  • Nexus among people with severe damage with higher complexity hospitals
  • Assessment of the needs of people with disabilities post Hurricane Matthew
  • Assistance to the NGO Handicap International in different hospitals from Les Cayes

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Hurricane Matthew


We inform you that our staff is safe and that our rehabilitation center was not damaged by the Hurricane Matthew. Thank you very much for your concern and we will be informing you about the situation in Les Cayes.

Les informamos que todo nuestro Staff se encuentra bien y que nuestro centro de rehabilitación no sufrió daños producto del huracán Matthew. Muchas gracias por su preocupación y les estaremos informando sobre la situación en Les Cayes

Bonswa tout moun nap enfòme nou ki tout moun ki ap travay avek nou yo byen epi klinik la pa te domaje. Nou pral enfòme nou sou sitiyasyon an le nou kapab.