Clubfoot Day!

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Left: Clubfoot technician Samuel performs joint manipulations.

Right: Patient wears special brace to maintain proper ankle alignment.

Today we want to celebrate our Clubfoot Correction program! Every Wednesday is Clubfoot day at Tous Ensemble. In partnership with the CURE International we treat children with clubfoot – a congenital (condition patients are born with) internal and downward rotation of the foot at the ankle. If left uncorrected, clubfoot can be debilitating, children often struggle or have pain walking while living with the stigma of having a physical disability. Although we are working to change the perception of persons with disabilities and increase opportunity for full and equal integration for everyone in our communities, there is still much work to do.

The good news: clubfoot is correctable in young children through an inexpensive and noninvasive procedure. The method FONTEN and other partners of CURE International uses is referred to as the Ponseti Method, after the physician who developed it in the 1950’s. Joint manipulations and a series of weekly casts are performed by a trained professional to incrementally realign the ankle joint. After proper alignment is achieved, a special brace is worn for months or years. The timeline varies according to age of the child at the time of correction with infants having more flexible joints and significantly shorter treatment lengths.

To learn more check out our clubfoot program page.

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