1/2 Marathon in Les Cayes

This weekend Les Cayes hosted it’s first 1/2 Marathon.  Congratulations to all the competitors and event organizers on a successful race! FONTEN participated, providing free massage and acute care for participants at the finish line, coincidentally several steps away from our clinic location. A big thank you to Bastian and Norman, our new OT and PT volunteers from America Solidaria, as well as students from the UNEFA school of physiotherapy in Port-au-Prince who will graduate as some of the first PT’s trained in Haiti! Together, we helped many people with significant post race cramping and acute injuries and sent several racers with suspected stress fractures for imaging.

30710613_2152384444779189_3871920726810296320_o (1).jpg30712721_2152384801445820_3021096200918007808_o.jpg30738429_2152384668112500_4543599332108009472_o.jpg30715856_2152384728112494_3414312822077652992_o.jpg30725813_2152384504779183_332264687267741696_o.jpg

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