GlobalGiving BONUS DAY

Today is BONUS day!

FONTEN has an opportunity to become one of the permanent grassroots organization in the GlobalGiving family. This partnership could provide us with corporate sponsors, networking opportunities and much more! Today is BONUS day. For 24 hours ending at 11:59 EST all donations will be matched (proportionately) with prizes for most donations, most monthly donors and most $$$ within the time parameters. Please share our project small donations go a long way – especially today!

Our project: Provide Therapy to 500 Children in Haiti aims to raise $20,000, enough to fund all our children’s programs for one year including therapy, orthotics and prosthetics at FONTEN clinic, outreach initiatives in remote communities (including Isle A Vache), and support of local orphanages. (Our Clubfoot Correction program is funded through partnership with CURE International).

Men anpil, chay pa lou.

Many hands make the load lighter.


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