Our Mission i2015-04-17 16.01.18s “To improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and the general community, through programs that help to achieve the maximum possible level of functionality, independence and autonomy from each person/patient.”

Our Vision:

We believe in a society where people with disabilities achieve full integration and community to achieve a high level of health, through health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation provided by our center in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Our Goals:

  • Contribute to the promotion of health and prevention of disability.
  • Promote the development, the recovery and maintain the functional level of our patients, through Rehabilitation and Adaptation.
  • Contribute to the development of skills for school and work for the integration of people with disabilities.
  • Promote social participation of people with disabilities by raising awareness and eliminating barriers within the society.

Founding members

                   Consuelo Alzamora/Clinic Director             Pierre Lyncé/Administrative Director

Executive Board

President:  Pierre Lynce

Vice president/Secretariat: Jean Robert Netus

Treasurer: Pierre Jamil Cineus