Annual Fundraising Campaign Now Open

Our annual crowd funding campaign has begun. As you know, we are a small, local foundation in Les Cayes, Haiti relying on private international donations for 85% of our operational costs. This past year we had to make difficult decisions, reducing capacity in some programs and putting others on hold because funds were not available. Our goal is to live in a society where persons with disabilities are respected and integrated completely into community with the same opportunities for sustainable livelihoods, education and health as other people. Our hope is that your generous donations to this campaign will enable us to continue the vital rehabilitation work we are doing, increase our capacity for existing programs and expand to meet other demands! This includes our rural clinics, advocacy for persons with disabilities, return to work programs and more! We literally cannot do this without your donations. Thank you! Please click here to make a donation or here for more information or to share with friends. Mesi anpil!


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